From artists like Davis, Goldberg, Paesmans and Heemskerk the creation of Internet art was diverse and technologically advance. These four artists tested the boundaries of the Internet and how people would react to the technology. With the creation of many different Web sites and Internet tools, the progression of net art is continually growing. Artists are always trying to create more and advance thought. This can be seen in all types of art media and continues to blossom in the digital age. Artists will always take an establish media and advance it on their own terms, where they will take the Internet is unknown, but the medium is still in its adolescence. And now, in the 21st century, the technology and artwork have changed but the remnants of the past still lie in the ever-popular uses of the World Wide Web and the Web 2.0 tools. 



~ by netart2web on 04/28/2009.

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