JODIAnother artist duo that helped progress art on the Internet can be seen through JODI. JODI is the pseudonym for Dirk Paesmans and Joan Heemskerk who created work that did “everything wrong on the Internet that [could] be done wrong” (Baumgartel 167). They created work that would create chaotic atmospheres through Internet browsers. The work made it seem like the viewer was being infected with a computer virus. But rather JODI programmed their work to create dancing screens that made windows pop up and move wildly across the monitor. Their project was called OSS/****, a “vicious JavaScript,” which was created in mid-1999. JODI’s work has always centered on the systematic abuse of the Internet. They have been doing their work since 1995 and have included creating Web sites that would show error messages or pop ups that could scare and irritate common users. Their work on the Web was different from many other previous Internet artists because their art manipulated how people would view their browsers. It created an invasion of people’s personal space between them and their computers. It created a feeling that their computer was crashing and for some, the emotions attached to a catastrophe like that could be very disheartening. JODI stated that the reasoning behind their art was not to antagonize but rather to invoke some type of emotion within their viewer—in many ways like how other art does with a brush stroke or clay formation. Their interaction, though, differed from a brush stroke or clay formation because of its invasion of personal space and emotion. Paesmans states, “Everyone has something to do with computers nowadays. In this century, you must be very strong indeed not to have anything to do with them” (Baumgartel 172). JODI claimed that their intentions were not to make fun of computer and Internet users but rather to share the feelings of “blue panic” with the world. In many ways, people see this type of work, while not necessarily intended as art, every day. When their computer screen freezes or their Web page fails to load, panic ensues on their emotions. This type of art by JODI thrives to evoke these emotions as consumers continue to rely heavily on technology for their emotional and mental stability. 


~ by netart2web on 04/28/2009.

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